Mar 28

Sum Dum Cunt

Lyla Lei is a gorgeous sweet Asian amateur with thighs that could crush a walnut and a tiny pair of boobies that are any tiny titty lovers dream. The best thing about sexy Lyla Lei is that she is always ready and willing to do anything you ask her to in the bedroom including dressing up in a cute coed schoolgirl outfit! Lyla isn’t one of those babes who struts her stuff and acts like a total nympho in public but when you get this babe behind closed doors she turns in to a real dick loving freak who just can’t get enough!

Take a look at pics of Lyla Lei dressed in her frilly g-string panties and her short gingham skirt with a tiny crop top to match! Behind the doors of her bedroom Lyla puts on a show for the camera that gets her so horny she can’t help but slip out of all her clothes, lay on the bed and tease her tiny titties. As if that isn’t hot enough Lyla teases her pussy and licks her cute pussy juice off her fingers! To top it all off with perfection Lyla slips a finger in to her tight butt!

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Mar 25

Sum Dum Cunt

If you haven’t guessed by now, Kaiya Lynn is a real cock loving Asian slut, there is nothing this babe won’t do to get her tight slit filled including picking up total strangers at gas stations which is exactly where she met this lucky bastard! Kaiya was pumping gas when she tried to fit too much in the tank and gas poured out on to her shoes she let out a cry and this guy came running to the rescue. Kaiya played the poor hottie who was covered in gas and needed help and this guy was more than willing to help when he took one look at Kaiya standing there in her sexy white stockings.

Kaiya wasted no time in inviting the guy back to her apartment and he accepted so fast that he tripped over his own words. Kaiya knew he was going to be the nervous type but she didn’t care, she wanted to get her slit filled  so badly that she would have drilled just about anyone. When they got back to Kaiya’s apartment she ordered her new friend to sit on the sofa while she slipped out of her shirt and exposed her perky titties.

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Mar 21

Sum Dum Cunt

Mia Smile is a gorgeous Asian girl who knows just how hot she really is because she has a regular gig doing stage shows for horny fucks every Saturday night! Mia Smile ran in to the gig when she was dating some white guy who owned a club. The club specialized in kinky stageshows and when he found out how kinky Mia Smile really could be he didn’t hesitate to offer her a spot on stage doing what she did best. Mia turned in to the most requested act on stage…that could have something to do with the fact that she was the only one who did a full on sex show!

Check out these video samples of Mia Smile during one of her stageshows with a massive cocked stunt cock. As the guy gets strapped to the wall his cock gets hard at the mere sight of Mia walking by in her bra and panties. Mia loves to take advantage of guys when they’re helpless so stripping out of her panties she leans down and slips his hardening cock in to her mouth and watches him squirming in delight at the feel of her warm lips around his throbbing dick!

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Mar 18

Sum Dum Cunt

Lucy Lee is a drop dead gorgeous Asian girl who loves to show off her penis sucking skills to all of her friends, she makes a habit of boasting to other guy friends of hers how well she sucks dick and of course it always leads to her having to show them her talents. It’s not like any man would care though not with a babe like Lucy Lee sucking the juice out of their penis! Lucy has a tight body, perfect perky tits and a pair of dick sucking lips that will send you in to the biggest orgasm you’ve ever had.

Check out these video samples of Lucy slurping on her best friends penis out in the garden, she just can’t help herself when she sees the outline of his dick in his shorts and within minutes she’s slurping down his cock like a lollipop! Not satisfied to just taste his penis Lucy rolls over and parting her legs she begs him to fuck her tight puckered asshole until she cums. Lucy isn’t one of those prudish babes who won’t let you fuck her butt, in fact she loves nothing more than feeling a throbbing cock deep inside her asshole!

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Mar 14

Sum Dum Cunt

Katsumi isn’t the typical Asian girl who pretends to be shy and does everything she’s told to do by anyone who tells her to do it, she’s more of the smoking hot Asian babe with a bangin’ body and a penchant for anything sex. Katsumi has been a total slut since she was eighteen and she felt her very first dick inside her tight Asian pussy. Ever since her first penis Katsuimi has been searching for the next thing that would make her sperm harder than the last time and when she wound up going house with both Kyle and Jim from a local nightclub she frequents she definitely found the next best thing.

Take a look at video clips of Katsuimi as she gets back to her place with Kyle and Jim. Katsuimi starts off by stripping for the guys as she leads them up the front path of her house. As Katsuimi juggled her tits the guys rush to get her inside and in to the bedroom with their cocks throbbing. Katsuimi doesn’t lag behind and following them through to the bedroom she kneels between both of the guys and takes their cocks in her mouth one at a time.

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Mar 11

Sum Dum Cunt

Jazmin has always been the type of girl who gets in to trouble at parties and always insisted on being the center of attention at every single occasion she went to but last week when she went to a friend of a friend’s party she wound up getting more than she bargained for! As she stood chatting with some friends another woman came up to Jazmin and started calling her an attention whore and not one to take it sitting down Jazmin got in her face and as one thing led to another Jazmin found herself with a handful of the other girls hair and the next thing she knew the cops were dragging her out of the home in handcuffs.

When Jazmin got to the jail a cop put her in to a cell and just as he turned around to leave Jazmin brushed her hand across his cock and flashed him a smile. Looking around to make sure he was out of view of anyone else the cop turned back and unzipping his pants he pulled out his cock and balls and told Jazmin to suck. Jazmin, more turned on than she’d ever been before slipped one of his balls in to her mouth.

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Mar 07

Sum Dum Cunt

Angie Venus is a slutty Asian babe with a tight body and a perky pair of boobs that make any lover turn his head. Angie knows that most military guys have a real thing for tight pussied Asian babes and because she just couldn’t stop thinking about a hard military cock probing her tight cunt she bought a new apartment over by the military base. Angie was certain that moving over near the base would guarantee her cock on a daily basis and she was right!

As Angie was unloading her moving truck to move in to her new apartment one of her new neighbors came over to help her unload the truck. Angie couldn’t help but lick her lips in anticipation when she saw her new neighbor, a tough looking military stud who she was certain had a massive throbbing dick inside his pants just waiting to split her tight Asian slit. When her new neighbor got inside with the last box Angie slipped out of her shirt and showed off her perky boobies. Angie’s neighbor unzipped his pants and without giving it a second thought he whipped out his dick and rubbed it against her perky breasts!

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Mar 04

Sum Dum Cunt

Avena Lee is almost too beautiful for her own amazing, between her tight perfect body and her tiny perky boobies Avena is one of those smoking hot chicks who all the guys are afraid to approach because she’s so damn hot. Avena is a real tiger though and when she sees something she wants she’s never happy until she sinks her claws in to it! Avena has a real penchant for huge white dick and lately it’s been all she could think about. She’d heard rumors that one of the guys she worked with was hung like a horse and she had every intent of finding out if it was true.

Avena had no problem getting her co-worker to come back to her apartment with her, after all she was a gorgeous hottie and he wasn’t ever going to score a babe like her otherwise. When they got back to her apartment Avena told him to strip on her couch and while he did she put on her own little striptease for him. Avena’s co-worker couldn’t believe he’d scored a hottie as hot as her but while he was busy staring at her tight slit she was busy licking her lips at the sight of his massive dick!

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Feb 28

Sum Dum Cunt

Ava Devine is a total dick nympho, there is no penis that Ava will turn away from and when she ran in to Tim at her bank she flashed him a smile and dropped her business card in his hand on her way past him. It wasn’t more than two hours later when Tim gave Ava a call. Ava told him that she wanted him to come over and fuck her, no questions, no ties, no strings attached, she needed his fat dick in her pussy. Tim didn’t know what to say other than yes and that he’d be at her apartment in thirty minutes.

When Tim arrived at Ava’s apartment she was wearing just a small black and white bustier and a pair of black lace top stockings. Tim noticed the lack of panties and walking in to the place he picked her up and carried her to the sofa. Sitting her on the sofa he knelt down and without so much as a hello he buried his face in to her wet musky pussy. As Tim’s tongue probed her tight slit and then her puckered asshole Ava couldn’t help but beg him to slide his huge penis in to her tight butt and Tim was more than willing to oblige!

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Feb 25

Sum Dum Cunt

Tai is a sweet petite Asian babe with tiny perky titties that make anyones mouth water but the best thing about Tai is that she’s not the type of babe to spread her legs for just anyone. As a matter of fact Tai was still a virgin when she went to college but when she started to run out of money she realized quickly that she needed a job and a regular job wasn’t the sort of thing that she was looking for. Tai hated to work, she hated not having money even more so when one of her friends suggested Dave’s modeling agency she was interested so she called and made an appointment for an interview.

When Tai showed up for the interview she had no idea that Dave’s modeling agency wasn’t just a normal type of modeling agency, that is until Dave told her to start stripping for her. Tai was torn, she had never stripped for anyone but she needed the money more than anything else so timidly she started to slip out of her clothes. Dave seemed impressed because once she was naked he walked over and spread her legs and as Tai took a long breath in she felt his massive cock penetrate her tight slit!

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Feb 07

Sum Dum Cunt

Kaiya had been having a pretty bad year so far, when she got evicted from her place because she couldn’t pay her rent she ended up living back with her parents in their poolhouse. Kaiya hated living back with her parents because they always treated her like a baby and wouldn’t let her do the things she wanted to do like go out partying late and having a good time. One day last week after her dad had told her that she was forbidden to go to a friend’s party even though she was twenty years old she had had enough and was ready to really piss him off.

Walking back to the poolhouse Kaiya noticed the next door neighbor out pruning the bushes and she called over to him to come and visit her for a minute. Kaiya’s neighbor wasn’t about to overlook a pretty girl calling his name so he followed her out to the poolhouse where he found Kaiya laying butt naked with the exception of her high heels on a sun lounger. Knowing that he shouldn’t but unable to pass up her juicy tight pussy he quickly looked around before pulling out his throbbing penis!

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Feb 04

Sum Dum Cunt

Mika is one sexy Asian nympho who can’t get enough penis, no matter how many guys she fucks or how many times they do it she is always ready to go for one more round and it really started to get in the way when she decided that she wanted to go back to school…that is until she realized that she could not only earn her grades with her pussy but she could also pay her tuition as well!

Finals were approaching and Mika knew that she wasn’t going to do well enough in her chemistry class to justify her scholarship so she knew she had to do something about it. Waiting after school she walked with her professor to his car asking him what he thought she could do to better her grade, when he patted the passenger seat of the car Mika knew that he was thinking along the same lines that she was and to tell the truth it’d be a fantasy come true to feel her professor’s fat cock throbbing inside her tight slit. When they got back to his apartment Mika could barely control her excitement, just the thought of him fucking her from behind made her pussy slick!

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Jan 31

Sum Dum Cunt

Avena Lee is a real penis hungry whore who knows just how much cock her being Asian can get her! Avena loves to search chatrooms online for guys who want Asian babes for their tight pink pussies and she makes dates to fuck their brains out and then leave them never to be seen again! Avena met Bobby in a chatroom where he was bragging about how huge his cock was and how he’d “split her in half” with it and Avena wasn’t about to let him get away with telling and not showing so she made arrangements for him to meet her at a condo she rented out.

When Bobby showed up Avena knew he wasn’t lying because she could see the outline of his massive cock tucked in to his tight denim jeans. Just seeing the outline of his dick made her pussy wet and this cockhungry little whore couldn’t wait to whip out his dick and spread her tight pink pussy lips for it! Avena unzipped his pants and without giving him a chance to introduce himself she pulled them down and made a grab for his meat stick. Pushing him back on to the sofa she stripped and sat right on his cock – what a hell of a welcome!

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Jan 28

Sum Dum Cunt

Nyomi grew up in a pretty traditional Asian family where her parents really wanted her to be a polite Asian babe who dated only Asian men but from the age that she started to notice men she was always attracted to big black guys. As she’d fantasize about them, watching them walking by she’d imagine how it would feel to fuck them and as soon as she hit college Nyomi went pretty crazy fucking any and every black guy she could get her hands on! No matter how many guys she drilled Nyomi’s tight little pussy still ached after every fuck and yet she always wanted more.

Nyomi met George at a seminar for her job and the moment she saw him she knew she had to add him to her list of conquests as well although she didn’t know that within the hour they’d both be in one of the meeting rooms of the hotel and George would have his massive black dick squeezed in to her tight Asian asshole! Nyomi had never taken a black penis in her butt before but she was certain it was something she’d be doing a lot more! It was such a tight fit that she could barely control herself!

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